Monday, 30 April 2007

Floating Root

The war still there,
When it could be finished?
I don’t care about what is art?
I hope art has to do something useful for the humanity!
The refugee are exiled all over the world,
Looking for abrit, protections, safety, survive….
Wherever they stay, it’ll not be the same.
They have to transfer into the other culture
“Living in Rome like Romans”.
But who can forget his own homeland?
It likes a floating root searching its own land.
And for this piece of land,
The war never ending,
When is the peace?

Who am I? It’s not an important question, the important thing is I understand that when you leave your homeland, you cry speechlessly.是種無語問蒼天的悽愴 And you wonder when you can go home, but sometimes there is no answer!( you can not answer it!)
I put all my thinking into art works and leave in this blog. If you want let something here, just leave it. S’il vous plait! Prego!

I’m living abroad from more than a decade; it’s my nature and destiny to be like an outsider. If you live far from home despite of distance; it’s always difficult to get used to it. I don’t know how to comfort you, but maybe there is something you want to tell or leave it, here! Qui! Ici! 這裡!

With your help, I want to make a work of art, called “Cutting into pieces”.

To express that nobody and no country is complete, perfect, whole,intero,entire,完整的!
This work will be made of pieces of painting, collage, sculpture, video, installation and text in multiple languages.

For start it, I would like you having a tomato’s plant, enjoying, observing its growing and taking it with your journey.
Then tell us your adventures, bad, sad, boring, exciting…
It’s not necessary to use your real name; this is a space for sharing what you want to share.
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