Friday, 15 June 2007

I'm really sorry to say, to tell you all, of a series of unhappy times for my tomato; Bethnal Green.
Despite possibly being more at home in a green house; I think Bethnal Green got overheated, dried out and sun burnt in the hot weather a few weeks ago, whilst sitting on his windowsill. He developed a flurry of yellow patches on many of his leaves on his left side. Then, again falling, quite literally, prey to the elements, he was blown off his window sill when the wind changed direction; turning to the West. His main stem was snapped at at middle, and it proved too much, and he quickly turned brown.


Sara said...

Oh my god, what a terrible chain of events....Tom and I are truly sorry

chaomious said...

Really sorry for hear such event, I think it's not easy to keep it indoor.